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Welcome to your free, interactive training in lameness detection.


After more than 5 years, a new version of LamenessTrainer is planned in 2020. It will remain free and just get better!

We do have a plea: running this website is free for you but costs us our real own cash every year. To cover costs for development and hosting and to make a free version sustainable long-term, we are hence starting a fundraiser.

If you like this game and want to contribute, we would be incredibly grateful. The amount raised will dictate what we can do:


If you share your name on the fundraising page, your name will be included in a roll of honour on the new website as a thank you!

Thank you for your support :-)

The 'Lameness Trainer' is a free web application for anyone to learn and improve their skills in visual lameness detection.

Start here with the introduction to the website or Jump straight in here with Module 1.

- Before you start -

1. Please use google Chrome as your browser for this website so everything runs stable. There can be problems with other browsers.

You can dowload and install Chrome for free here:


2. You need a sufficient internet speed to stream the videos. If the videos load or play slowly, a slow connection is likely the culprit.

If you run into this issue, it would be great if you could drop us a quick line in the contact tab, stating your download speed. We will then look to develop a 'light' version in future for poor connections.

3. The game may not work on tablets and phones. If you are trying to play the game on a tablet or phone and for example the 'play' button does not work, please use a PC or laptop instead.

We hope to make the game run across various platforms / browsers / devices in future, but it takes a lot of time so it won't happen in the near future yet.


26 April 2020 - BUG FIXED

All warm-ups are working again. Thank you web browsers for spontaneous updates without alerts to developers...

10 April 2020 - BUG (WarmUp)

We had a report that the WarmUp stopped working and will fix that as soon as possible.

22 August 2019 - ALL BUGS FIXED

The bugs that suddenly appeared in Module 2 (lameness did not decrease anymore) and Module 4 (broke) are now fixed and the auto-play works again as well. Thank you to Greg for saving the day as usual, all in his spare time.

18 June 2019 - BUG

We don't know what our host has done, but suddenly there are issues with the animations playing. We are investigating - please bear with us while we fix this. A workaround is to click a random answer on the first horse and then play the subsequent animations. We'll post an update as soon as possible.

10 October 2018

Clips from The Lameness Trainer have led to a new publication in the Veterinary Record! Sandra Starke and Maarten Oosterlinck examined the "Reliability of equine visual lameness classification as a function of expertise, lameness severity and rater confidence".Results were surprising, highlighting difficulty across experience levels to correctly classify both, sound and lame horses.

FREE OPEN ACCESS until 10 November:


Starke, SD., Oosterlinck, M. (2018): Reliability of equine visual lameness classification as a function of expertise, lameness severity and rater confidence. Veterinary Record. Published Online First: 21 September 2018. doi: 10.1136/vr.105058

2 February 2018

We had some questions about the play button not working when using the game on a mobile phone. To answer, the game usually just plays on PC/Mac and was not designed for mobile devices. However, a gamer figured out that when using a phone, you can guess the first horse and it's running fine after. So if you are on the go and want to give it a try, it might work :-) PC remains the preferred option though.

30 May 2017 - BUG FIXED

The bug in Module 2, Level 5 is now fixed and there should be no more issues :-)

6 May 2017

We have had our 2-year anniversary, and can be pleased to say that this website has been put to good use. We know that it is now used by universities in the UK, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada (those are the ones we know of) and we have gotten really positive feedback. Thank you all :-) We hope to finally add two "advanced" modules this year - watch out.

To mark the occasion, the website has gotten a mini facelift / tidy and we have put some of our feedback into the new 'Testimonials' tab. We hope you like it.

5 May 2017

Please note that there is a recurring issue in Module 2, Level 5. If the video does not load or the game looks "stuck" with no horse to show, please just select 'left hind' and hit "confirm selection". You can then continue normall with the game.

28 June 2015

There have been questions coming in regarding playing the game on tablets. It appears that this sometimes does not work. If you run into this issue, please just use a PC/laptop and Chrome; not all device and browser combinations allow all components to run at present.

14 April 2015

The Lameness Trainer was presented by Sandra at the BSAS (British Society of Animal Science) conference in Chester, UK, and was well received. The presentation won the BSAS President's Prize :-)

Starke, S.D., Miles, G., Channon, S.B. and May, S.A. (2015): Instant expert: development and evaluation of an intelligent, interactive 3D computer game for teaching visual lameness assessment skills through deliberate practice. BSAS/AVTRW Annual Conference, Chester, UK. Abstract and talk. Winner of the BSAS's president's prize for best theatre presentation.

29 March 2015

Mini-correction to the instruction video for Module 1 uploaded following feedback: it said 'hind' instead of 'fore' at time 01:00. Also slightly changed the wording at 02:32.

The 'Full Manual' is now up, for those who want to browse all rules at once.

28 March 2015

We got more than 100 likes already, thanks so much everybody!

27 March 2015

First official mini-launch via Facebook.

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