Module 1

Lameness Trainer

Module 1

This module teaches the evaluation of forelimb lameness. Forelimb lameness manifests in asymmetry in the vertical movement of the head. You need to detect this asymmetry to detect lameness. You then have to relate the pattern to limb movement to determine which limb is lame.

In this module you will learn to:

• Detect forelimb lameness

• Determine the lame limb

• Correctly differentiate between sound and mildly lame horses

Below you find the individual module components. Please go through them in order, from top to bottom. Don't forget to fill in the questionnaire once you are finished - it helps us understand where we are good and what we need to improve. Thank you very much :-)

Module 1 | Rules

Please click on the icon to view the rules for this module.

Module 1 | Video explanation

Duration: 3 1/2 minutes.

Please click on the icon to view the instruction video for this module. The instruction video contains a comprehensive explanation on how to determine lameness based on head movement.

You can view the video in full-screen mode. To exit the full-screen mode, press the 'Esc' key.

Module 1 | Warm-Up

Duration: approximately 5 minutes.

Before starting your training, we recommend to perform this quick warm-up exercise. It lets you become familiar with the interface and gives an idea about the detection threshold you are alerady starting out with. There is no adaptive learning involved in this warm-up.

Module 1 | TRAINING

Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

Please click the icon to start Module 1.

Module 1 | Questionnaire

Duration: approximately 3 minutes.

We would greatly appreciate if you could fill in this questionnaire after using Module 1. It will help us improve future versions and target training needs.

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