Lameness Trainer

Module 4 | Rules

Details about this module:

This module lets you practice your newly gained lameness assessment skills on a variety of horses with different colours. You will examine horses for both, fore- and hind limb lameness: if a horse trots away from you, you evaluate it for hind limb lameness. If a horse trots towards you, you evaluate it for forelimb lameness. In addition, you will also give the horses lameness scores (0 to 10 UK scale, 0 = sound, 10 = non-weightbearing lame).

You can examine up to 136 horses in this Module if you want - that is the 6-month caseload of some lameness experts, so this will get you off to a flying start once you start rotations in year 4!

You receive feedback on the correctness of your evaluation for each horse.


Aim of the game: collect as many points as possible while assessing an unlimited number of horses for fore- and hind limb lameness. Horses come in many different colours to mix things up :-) We are working on getting a highscore board running.

How it works

For each horse, you have to assess:

     Whether the horse is lame or not

     If it is lame, which limb is affected

In addition, you can now assign a lameness score to each horse on a scale from 0 to 10. On this scale, 0/10 means sound and 10/10 means maximum lameness.

If you are unsure about an assessment, please additionally tick the 'not sure box' on the user interface.

Points and penalties

The rules for this test are very simple:

- For each horse that you evaluate correctly, you receive 5 points

- For each horse that you evaluate incorrectly, you lose 2 points (but you can not drop below 0 points!).

You can now review each horse as many times as you like with no effect on your points.

Game interface

Below is the interface for module 1. Feedback and controls are on the left, your points, performance and levels are tracked on the right.

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