Module 4

Lameness Trainer

Module 4

This module lets you practice your new skills on hundreds of horses with different colours. You will examine horses for both, fore- and hind limb lameness and also give the horses lameness scores. This modeule contains the 2-year caseload of some lameness experts!

In this module you will learn to:

• Correctly evaluate different horses for lameness irrespective of their fur colour

• Assign consistent lameness scores

Below you find the individual module components. Please go through them in order, from top to bottom. This module has new rules. Don't forget to fill in the questionnaire once you are finished - it helps us understand where we are good and what we need to improve. Thank you very much :-)

Module 4 | Rules

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Module 4 | TRAINING

Duration: approximately 45 minutes to as long as you like.

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Module 4 | Questionnaire

Duration: approximately 3 minutes.

We would greatly appreciate if you could fill in this questionnaire after using Module 1. It will help us improve future versions and target training needs.

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