Lameness Trainer


Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback. Below is a little selection of comments from individuals and institutions.

We absolutely welcome the use of this website by institutions, it will remain free. Just drop us a quick line so that we know you do and that we can prepare to scale once lots of people use the site at the same time.

From individuals

This is "Brilliant ". Thanks.


I want to thank you again for your wonderfull programm. I used it a lot during my study equine bodyworker, and still use it to keep my skill updated. I also recommend it to cliënts so they can reconise lameness of their horses faster.


Thank you so much for creating the Lameness Trainer! I am completely hooked. As a life-long equine enthusiast, I can really say that this is one of the best tools available online. Thank you! Your work is highly appreciated!


This is absolutely an amazing project. Great initiative. I will be waiting for the next modules!!




This is a brilliant tool. Wish I'd had access to it when training [...]. It has improved my abilities in minutes. Thanks and congratulations on your work.


I love your game and have fully improved my understanding and recognition of hind end lameness.


Great site, I love the idea of it, and that it exist!


From institutions

I have been introducing our students to Lamenesstrainer.com, and it's great! Thanks for this achievement.

Maarten, Belgium

Lameness trainer is fantastic teaching tool. I teach Equine sports médicine and lameness at the University of Montréal and  use it almost on a weekly basis to prepare senior students for their equine lameness rotation.

It is a fantastic teaching tool as students have fun, get competitive and can take time to figure what they are seeing or not.

Yves, Canada

Congratulations on producing an excellent education experience. I am using it as part of my Equine Locomotion course I teach at Charles Sturt University (Australia) this session. It sure will help reduce the numbers of times we have to run horses up and down the running track AND hopefully give my students an opportunity to "develop their eye" more effectively.

Lesley, Australia

I saw the lameness trainer advertised in an alumni newsletter and having tried it amongst the surgeons here in Edinburgh, we would be very keen to use it for undergraduate teaching - specifically practicals from 3rd year onwards.

Richard, UK

I think your gamification of lameness is great and will really motivate students to have a go, and then let them learn what to look out for. The supplementary videos that go with each module are great too!

Chris, UK

I just wanted to confirm that [we] are using this website for a 3rd year veterinary undergraduate teaching resource

Sarah, UK

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